A Bit About Me

Social creative who is a great listener and is always thinking 'what could be?'

Simone Fox - Headshot.jpg

Hi! I am Simone Fox, a young female with a passion for creativity and the founder of Priceless Weddings. I’m a newly-established wedding designer and coordinator and I highly value meaningful work. This means to me: initiating positive differences in the world, creating lasting relationships, and working to help others. These are all roles I aim to fulfil in my career.

The power of weddings is amazing as they are a rare event that can help shape our memories and lives forever. I truly believe in the importance of a well-designed and coordinated wedding to create fond memories and beautiful life moments.

Good wedding design and coordination come from actively listening to what the couple want on their day, thinking creatively to achieve that vision, and overcoming any potentials issues that may arise along the way. My auditory skills and ability to pick up certain language choices and tone help me thoroughly comprehend what is most important to each member of every couple, and how they feel about specific decisions. My creativity allows me to brainstorm endless ideas and solutions as well as create links between them. This ensures that each client is getting unique designs and decor pieces and that each problem at a wedding is managed within its context on the day.

I’m excited to start a journey of entering into the lives of some Victorian couples during one of the most precious and memorable moments of their and their family's lives. It’s a great honour and I aim to do that justice, just as I would want from a vendor for my own wedding. Let’s make a beautiful and seamless day together.