Ordering Information

Ordering online can be quite easy with Priceless Weddings shopping cart interface. It will only take a couple minutes of your time. A few forms to fill out, that will give us the information to deliver your order to you as quick as possible.

Risks Online

Some people are still concerned about shopping online due to security risk. This is a thing of the past as most sites, including us, use 256 bit encryption. This encryption system is so powerful that the American government disallowed the use of it in America for sometime, due to the fact it was just too high of a security system, and of course leaving the US government eyes wide shut! The people of America have of coursed pushed for the use of this encryption based system, in turn making it available in America.

Online Benefits

At Priceless Weddings we are so sure of this 256 bit encryption that if for any reason, directly due to Priceless Weddings fault, that your details are used for fraudulent activity then we will cover the first $50. It might not seem much, but most banks today will only hold you liable up to $50 for criminal transactions on your account. Please call your bank to confirm. So as you see shopping online is safer, easier, smarter and cheaper than shopping at your local shops. Most times you will find that it is the same price to buy online even with delivery cost, and also Priceless Weddings offers free shipping when order a set amount. No hassle of buying petrol or negotiating a car space, You can shop from the comfort of your home, and the product(s) are delivered straight to your house.

Payment Options

Priceless Weddings accepts payment in the following forms Electronic Transfer, Cheque, Credit Card, Paypal , Money Order and Cash on pick up.

When paying for goods please quote your order number in the description.

Goods will not be sent until payment has been cleared.

Shopping Cart Malfunctions

All shopping cart malfunctions, although rare, makes all transactions void. Priceless Weddings will endeavor to contact the effected parties by either email, telephone or fax.
Priceless Weddings will offer the parties involved a total refund or ask for correct amounts of items or monies.
Posting the order products will only be done when the dispute and complete payment are corrected and finalised.

If you are effected by a malfunction please accept our sincere apologies and contact us as soon as possible if we have not contacted you first.