Priceless Weddings Commitment to Your Security.

Priceless Weddings is committed to securing your information and also making sure that any personal information, including credit card details, are transferred over the most secure connection possible. Please take a read of some of the measures that Priceless Weddings incorporates into this commitment.

1. SSL 256bit

What is SSL I hear you ask? Well to put it simple, it is an advanced Secure Socket Layer protection, it is one of the mots secure forms to transferring information over the internet.

If your have the latest internet browser (eg. Internet Explorer 8, Firefox 3) then you will have the benefit of being able to quickly recognise if a web site is using this advanced technology. Just look for the lock graphic at the bottom status bar or at the top at the end of the address bar.
Don’t be caught out with a fading security system! There is a reason for SSL. It takes immense amount of verification for a web site to be able to receive this security encryption system. So you know you are dealing with a legitimate company.

If you do not have the latest browser on your computer or are unsure, I suggest going to microsoft© download page and installing this simple but necessary update. Click Here For IE8 (requires Winxp or Vista©) or FireFox Browser

2. Information Process

Priceless Weddings is focused on keeping your information secure once you have entered it into our online database. And the way we do this is keeping our site up to date by installing the latest patches and host with a trusted Web server

All credit card details collected for order processing only are not stored online. So even if Priceless Weddings to fall to a hack attack you can be sure your card details to be safe.

Thank you for taking the time to read our security measures and we hope this has helped to put your mind at ease. If you prefer to make a telephone order then please visit the contact page for our number.